Safe And Effective Non-Surgical Ways Of Penis Extension

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Studies show that men who seek medical attention for not measuring up down there have normal dick sizes. Unfairly comparing themselves to images on smut, these men have overvalued the dimensions of an average-sized phallus.

Believing that “penis size matters” is so overrated. Little do people realize that women are more often than not satisfied with the dimensions of their partners’ tools. Even so, innumerable men are willing and raring to undergo penis enlargement surgery.

In reviewing literature about surgical penis enlargement, a cadre of Italian researchers has discovered an unhealthy number of complications from such procedure. One only has to look at the cases outlined in the Good Men Project, one of which showed a patient’s erection pointing downward.

Penis Pumps

penis pumpThere are many non-surgical penis enlargement procedures on offer though. Some of them involve so-called penis pumps, which lengthen the phallus by creating a vacuum inside a cylinder sheath. Its effects on penis elongation are more in the mind however. Researchers found penis pumps, whether manual or motorized, to be largely ineffective, even harmful. Overenthusiastic users are liable to burst blood vessels and form blisters. Moreover, the cylinder is known to accidentally suck in the balls or damage the ligaments encasing the dick.

Too much vacuum in the cylinder can permanently injure the penis – for the same reason doctors frown upon using vacuum cleaner units to increase dick size. A quick Google lookup of “penis vacuum cleaner” could yield quite graphic results.

Penis Extenders

penis traction extenderBut there is an alternative to this kind of non-surgical genital extension: using penis traction devices or penis extenders. If you ram your schlong into one, it may just increase its length by an inch. However, you must be committed to use the product for hours on end. On average, men use penis extenders for two hours every day for a few months to get results.

Traction devices work in the same way weightlifters bulk up. Lifting weights lead to minute tears in the muscle, causing cells to rapidly divide. As a result, the muscle grows bigger and stronger than ever, holding more blood.

This is the same concept at work with a penile traction device. This thingamajig imparts constant and consistent traction along the corpora cavernosa, one of the tissues responsible for a hard-on. Such force compels cells to duplicate, forcing the corpora cavernosa to grow bigger and accommodate more blood. Your erection grows bigger with it.

Then again, owning a penis extender does not automatically mean you would have a longer penis. Obviously you would have to use it. Yet most of the penis extension devices sold in the market are quite uncomfortable to use.

One company, SizeGenetics, claims to have the most comfortable, best penis extension devices available to man, with their advanced 16 ways comfort technology.

Tracy Ford, 25, can testify to SizeGenetics’ effectiveness in just 2.5 months of use. At first he was skeptical about using SizeGenetics, thinking it was too good to be true. He eventually found it to be very easy to use.

“It is very comfortable for everyday use and unnoticeable while wearing. I used SizeGenetics about 2 hours twice a day and am gradually increasing the amount of time. My goal is to reach 7 inches and I know SizeGenetics can help me achieve my goal. My partner has also noticed a ‘sizable’ difference when we make love,” he said.

Jon Galvin has this to say after using SizeGenetics penis stretchers for four months:

“I am amazed by the results. Even my wife is pleased, as she smiled and hugged me upon seeing my most recent measurements. Starting the program, my measurement were an erect length of 4.4 inches and erect girth of 4.3 inches. My current measurements are now an erect length of 6.5 inches, and erect girth of 5.0 inches. That is a 2.1 inch gain in erect length and a 0.7 inch gain in erect girth. Your wonderful device, which is comfortable to wear, has indeed made me more of a man and the gains in self-confidence are huge.”

“From day one the device was very easy to use and felt very comfortable. I was able to wear it every day without discomfort. As for the gains I am extremely excited about them. My wife has even complimented me on the different feel when we have sex. She is very pleased with the results after being a non-believer,” Chris Richardson said.


More testimonials are available on the SizeGenetics site. You only have to skim further to see before-and-after photos of these and other users who have successfully increased penis length.

penis extenders before and after

By all accounts SizeGenetics penis extenders seem to be extremely easy to use. Each package of a SizeGenetics device comes with an instructional DVD to properly guide you into using the product.

Place a new lease on life by trying out these penis extenders. They would greatly boost your esteem of yourself and, more than anything, improve your lovemaking.

Check out SizeGenetics today!



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