Idol Lips – Plumper Lips Without Injectables or Implants

Idol Lips PlumperYou have probably heard of horror stories from people who underwent lip augmentation surgery or filler injection.

Achieving voluminous lips does not have to be risky and expensive. If the lip implant is too long or does not fit the curvature of lips, infection or irritation may develop. The body may also react negatively to the implant and treat it as if it is a bacterium or virus. Other complications include palpability, reduced mobility of the lips and deformity from too much scar tissues which may be caused by infection or lack of surgical precision.

In case of liquid implants, migration of the fluid is a serious risk that can lead to necrosis and granuloma formation. Some fluid implants have unpredictable inflammatory reactions. Too much scarring could make it impossible to drain the implants without causing deformity to the lips. The patient could also suffer from permanent discolorations due to bruising and hematoma as a result of corrective surgeries.

It is no wonder that more women are resorting to non-surgical means to make their lips plumper. The Idol Lips Plumper adds as much volume to your lips without these side effects. The fast-acting ingredients of Idol Lips give your lips the extra volume they need anytime, anywhere. There are no bruising, infection and inflammation whatsoever.

Idol Lips Saves You Money

Why spend thousands of dollars on fillers that only last for months. The cost of fillers ranges from $300-$5,000, yet they only have short-lived effects. Collagen injections usually last for 9-12 weeks. Although fat injections have longer-lasting results, their outcomes are more unpredictable.

Getting voluptuous lips instantly sounds appealing, but the cost of these dermal fillers are quite prohibitive and unreasonable considering the long-term health implications they may cause and their temporary effects. In contrast, Idol Lips can give sexier radiance and meatier look to your lips for the price of sneakers. Idol Lips is as easy to apply as lip gloss, and the results are seen in no time.

What Make Idol Lips So Effective?

Idol Lips contains palmitoyl oligopeptide which smoothens and softens the lips. Along with other peptides, palmitoyl oligopeptide helps strengthen collagen structure.

Idol Lips’ advanced hydration technology sets it apart from other lip enhancers in the market. Idol Lips locks more moisture in the lips to make them look younger and fuller. The moisturizing property of Idol Lips comes from jojoba oil and squalene, a chemical that also preserves collagen and elastin in the lips.

The moisturizing effect of Idol Lips not only improves the texture and fullness of the lips but also their colors. With Idol Lips, pale lips will regain their radiant color.

Lip Enhancement Is For Everyone

Use the Idol Lips Plumper to make your lips as full and youthful as they could be. Idol Lips attracts loyal users, both from the young and old age groups. It diminishes wrinkles and cracks on the lips which are the common signs of aging. The plumping effect of Idol Lips also gives teens the kissable lips characteristic of Angelina Jolie, while adding warmth and sparkle to complete that glossy touch.

Unleash the Angelina Jolie in you with Idol Lips!

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