MosquitoPatch – Natural, Safe, Non Toxic And 100% DEET Free Mosquito Repellent

Mosquito spray and lotion do not provide absolute protection against insects because they merely work on the skin surface. As a result, areas not covered by MosquitoPatchthe topical ingredients are exposed to mosquito bites.

Now you can be assured of total insect protection with MosquitoPatch.

This breakthrough patch delivers thiamine, a powerful mosquito-repelling nutrient, via trans-dermal technology.

The repellent is absorbed by the bloodstream, thereby reaching all areas of the body.

Rapid Absorption

Patches have been proven effective in delivering substances into the body rapidly. Unlike tablets, patches deliver the active ingredients right to the bloodstream. MosquitoPatch allows for faster absorption of thiamine since it doesn’t have to pass through the liver and stomach.

Zero Wastage of Repellent

MosquitoPatch Better Than PillsAnother advantage of using patches is that they minimize the wastage of the repellent. With MosquitoPatch, thiamine reaches the bloodstream without passing through the liver and stomach where it may get destroyed.

Nutraceutical advocates justify the use of patches instead of pills, arguing that vitamins are structurally prone to the damaging effects of stomach acid. Patches prevent such wastage; the trans-dermal technology ensures that all of the thiamines will be absorbed by the body.
MosquitoPatch 24 Hours Protection

Round-the-Clock Protection

MosquitoPatch offers 24-hour protection against mosquitoes.

There is no need to reapply patches every now and then. A single patch is good for the entire day.

You can sleep continuously throughout the night as you get full protection until the next morning.

Safe and Chemical-Free

MosquitoPatch Safe Natural DEET FreeMosquitoPatch is an all-natural product. It leaves no strong smell and can be applied on any part of the body. Unlike chemical-based mosquito spray, MosquitoPatch has no artificial scent, so it won’t mess with aftershaves or body sprays. You can wear MosquitoPatch under your clothes or right on your arm without worrying about pungent smell.

Thiamine is not only effective but safe as well. It is perhaps the safest alternative to DEET and citronella. The latter two repellents are used in many mosquito lotions but have dubious safety records. They have been associated with poisoning and other adverse conditions. Because the only ingredient in MosquitoPatch is pure thiamine, it does not cause the same side effects seen in these repellents.

Mosquito Repellent Side Effects

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How Effective Is the Trans-Dermal Delivery Method?

MosquitoPatch Trans-Dermal Rapid ProtectionPatch-based delivery is a time-tested method. Aside from delivering thiamine to repel mosquitoes, patches have several medical applications:

  • Diabetic patches are intended to monitor the sugar level in diabetic patients. These patches contain nutrients that serve as an indicator of sugar level. Diabetic patches reduce the need for needle stick tests.
  • Nicotine patches have helped many smokers quit from their unhealthy habit. Nicotine delivery is the most used application of patches.
  • Hormone replacement therapy patches are often used to treat menopausal symptoms like night sweats and hot flashes. These patches contain oestrogen which regulates hormone levels. Around one million women are using hormone patches.

MosquitoPatch uses the same delivery method to ensure rapid absorption of thiamine while eliminating wastage due to liver enzymes and digestion. MosquitoPatch boasts of an improved trans-dermal technology to provide effective insect protection.

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A Close Look At MosquitoPatch

The patches consist of five major areas that are directly or indirectly responsible for nutrient delivery. The innovative trans-dermal technology of MosquitoPatch is designed to give round-the-clock protection against mosquitoes.

MosquitoPatch Trans-Dermal Patch

Liner – This transparent film is intended to protect the thiamine in the inner layer. This is removed when the patch is applied on the skin.

Nutrient layer – This layer contains thiamine, the mosquito-repelling ingredient of MosquitoPatch.

Adhesive – The adhesive binds different layers together and sticks the patch onto the skin. It is waterproof, so the patch can remain intact even when it gets wet. Thanks to this special adhesive, the patch leaves no marks on the skin when stripped off.

Membrane – This layer consists of inner layers arranged in such a way so as to control the release of thiamine. Several membrane layers have to be used so that only a certain amount of thiamine is released at a given time within a 24-hour period. The layers can also be further increased to change the dosage.

Backing layer – This protective layer is designed to keep the patch in good working condition throughout the day.

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How Does Thiamine Repel Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes detect their prey by scent. Thiamine creates a smell that is unpleasant to mosquitoes but unnoticeable to humans. The mosquito-repelling smell created by thiamine was identified in a 1960 study which showed that female mosquitoes tend to dislike this scent.

MosquitoPatch works by increasing the thiamine level in the body. The excess thiamines are excreted on the skin along with sweat. Considering that there are millions of sweat glands in human skin, you can imagine how protected your body would be if thiamine gets into your bloodstream.

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Protection Is Better Than Cure

MosquitoPatch Protect From Mosquito BitesMosquitoPatch is the ideal skin-protection product for campers, tourists, golfers, and people with outdoor jobs like park attendants and ecologists.

MosquitoPatch is the most practical choice for warding off disease-carrying mosquitoes.

The unique insect-repelling technology of MosquitoPatch offers the safest and most effective protection against mosquitoes.

Order MosquitoPatch now and get PROTECTED from deadly mosquitoes!

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