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capsiplexIf there is a product that can get you to burn 278 more calories, you would definitely go for it right? Naturally! We all know that losing weight is never an easy undertaking and if there really is something out there that could multiply your weight-loss efforts by 278 times then you will be the first one in line to try it, wouldn’t you?

Well, according to the manufacturers of Capsiplex, there is such a product – Capsiplex! So let’s all see if it does live up to its promise of helping you “burn up to 278 more calories” by reading the fine print, so to speak.

capsiplex-official-websiteA visit to its official Capsiplex site gives quite an eyeful of information, but the one that is the most eye-catching is the success stories box with a picture of a hugely slimmed-down guy in it. The product seemed promising even at that point alone.

Next to catch anybody’s attention is that aside from helping you burn 278 more calories, Capsiplex supposedly helps “Increase Energy, Stimulate Metabolism, Burn fat (and) Burn Carbs” – surely you are well aware that these are the magic words to achieve effective weight loss.

To back up its claims Capsiplex presents clinical studies and testimonials. It also lists down how 278 calories would appear to be whether based on food intake or exercise effort to give a layman a better understanding of the effects a 278-calorie intake or a 278-calorie burn has.

What is worth 278 Calories?

  • 1 hour and 20 minutes of walking at a moderate pace (1 mph)
  • 25 minutes of jogging (10 minute mile, 6 mph)
  • 1 hamburger
  • 1 slice of cheese pizza

Consuming an extra 278 calories per day can result in weight gain of over 25 pounds in a year! In a clinical study, subjects burned 278 more calories after taking Capsiplex compared to placebo!

Hot Ingredients

The website also presents the components of Capsiplex and what is in each ingredient that makes it effective. Per the website the ingredients are:

  • Capsicum Fruit Extract
  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • Black Pepper Extract (Piperine)
  • Niacin

Click here to see how these ingredients work their magic!

100% Natural

One other good thing about Capsiplex is, according to its manufacturers, Capsiplex is “adamantly against any artificial ingredients and prides itself on being 100% natural”. Even vegetarians, vegans and diabetics will not find any “offensive” ingredient in it.

However, pregnant or lactating women are advised to consult with their physicians prior to taking Capsiplex. While the manufacturers did say that they found no adverse side effects on pregnant or lactating women, it would still be better to stay on the safe side of things.

As for the dosage, the product information says that to achieve maximum effects you are advised to take Capsiplex once  a day, in the morning, or for the best results 30 to 60 minutes before exercise, with a glass of water.

Talk Of The Town

capsiplex-press-releasesAccording to its most recent press release, Capsiplex is supposedly being used by Jennifer Lopez, Brad Pitt and even Britney Spears as this “miracle slimming pill” can eat up as many calories as an hour-and-a-half of walking or a 25 minute jog.

Click here to see the press releases.

For sure the manufacturers had you at Brad Pitt, but it would still be wise to read through everything about Capsiplex first before you give it a get-go.

Lastly, the makers of Capsiplex assures would-be users that their product does not contain ampethamines or any other stimulants, but you might still want to consult your physician before popping a Capsiplex weight-loss pill in your mouth.

Please visit Capsiplex official website for more information.

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