Break The Doctor’s Rules! Health Rules You Could Bend

You don’t have to be prissy when it comes to your health. Many experts, doctors included, say you could get away with many things and still come out unscathed. Rules are meant to be broken; here are some you can break even as you enjoy a healthy lifestyle:

Rule to break #1: Sleep 8 hours a night.

It doesn’t matter whether you slept six or eight hours a night; what matter is that you feel rested. For most humans, this means getting eight hours a night but the amount varies for the rest. In fact, some studies say that seven hours of sleep is the minimum for a longer life.

Rule to break #2: Drink eight glasses of water each day.

Glasses of water are not the only things that keep you hydrated. Water could come from melons, lettuces, soups and many other foods. The choices are a myriad.

Rule to break #3: Don’t eat food you dropped on the ground.

While the floor is a melting pot of bacteria and germs, not all of them are life-threatening. Sometimes, you just can’t resist decreeing that “5-minute rule” over fallen food that tastes so good. However, creatures larger than bacteria, e.g. rats and cockroaches, don’t wait for five minutes to take a swipe of your food. Beware of them. As a rule of thumb, don’t eat anything that has been on the ground since last night!

Rule to break #4: Distance yourself from people with colds.

If you don’t want to put your social reputation on the line, hang around some more with people who came down with colds. You do not catch colds from other persons straight away, except if you have asthma and other lung ailments. Just be sure to—discreetly—use a hand sanitizer, in the absence of soap and water, after contact. This measure flouts the transmission of the virus.

Rule to break #5: Eat 5-7 servings of fruits and veggies per day.

Granted, integrating fruits and veggies in your diet makes for a healthy lifestyle habit. But dietitians haven’t unanimously set just how much you should eat every day. Eat lots of fruits and veggies and don’t bother counting. If you want to set daily servings for yourself, then better.

Rule to break #6: Exhaust yourself during exercise.

When exercising, you don’t need to flirt with your pain threshold, especially if you want to get a healthy heart. Physiologists and cardiologists do not agree that high intensity workouts make your heart even healthier. Regular activities of moderate-intensity are enough. It is even important to take breaks in your exercise program to avoid burning yourself out.

Rule to break #7: Don’t compromise your beauty regimen when traveling.

Traveling light takes precedence over zealously deferring to your beauty routine. According to skin care experts, small tubes of petrolatum products could easily serve as your makeshift eye cream, lip balm and hand moisturizer during a trip. Also, an all-in-one shampoo-conditioner is more convenient than bringing both a la carte.

Rule to break #8: Annual checkups for older children

There is no evidence aligning annual checkups with disease prevention for children. Children age 7 and above only need to be checked up every two years for immunizations. Nevertheless, your pediatrician may arrange more frequent checkups if your child has particular health concerns.

Rule to break #9: Sterilize pacifiers and bottle nipples.

Some communities still tap their water from wells. In this case, it is important to sterilize baby bottle nipples and pacifiers. Otherwise, tap water in the US is relatively safe.

Rule to break #10: Women should not go weightlifting, lest they want beefy muscles.

Weight training women, never fear: you do not have enough testosterone in your body to blow up your muscles. In fact, you get to prevent osteoporosis if you lift weights. If you just want to tone your muscles, just lift moderate weights and you’re good to go.

Rule to break #11: Eat healthy food only.

Irresistible as they are, you can have your fix of traditionally “rich food,” or those high in calories and low in nutrients, once in a while. Make sure you don’t eat it too much, too often though. When it comes to a healthy diet, think in the long term rather than see things shortsightedly. For instance, you may choose to designate Thursday as your junk food day. Healthy eating habits are made this way.

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