Dental White from Smile 4 You – Clinically Proven Dental Grade Teeth Whitening Kit

Shining white teeth that glitter like pearls and add sparkle to your smile – or so the makers of a teeth whitening kit – Smile 4 You would like us to believe is possible to achieve.

Smile 4 You is not the only one to pamper us with a teeth whitening kit nor is it the first. In fact there are perhaps a thousand teeth whitening kit out there with each of them making tall claims of being able to restore the brightness of your teeth in a manner that’s better than the rest.

But what makes the teeth whitening kit from Smile 4 You to stand out of the crowd is the way it delivers what it promises, each time and every time, something that the thousands of satisfied customer from around the world would readily agree with and would swear by the efficacy and safety of the whitening solution.

So what is Smile 4 You?

To begin with, Smile 4 You itself is not the teeth whitening kit. Rather, Smile 4 You is the only retailer in the UK to be authorized to sell the revolutionary teeth whitening kit – Dr. Georges Dental White. So whenever you come to hear of Smile 4 You, it’s the Dr. Georges Dental White teeth whitening kit that you got to be thinking of.

Now using teeth whitening kits are not the only ways of whitening up your teeth since there are plenty of other means of doing so.

Like teeth can be brightened up by cosmetic procedures wherein dentists make use of a product that contains carbamide peroxide that acts on the tooth’s enamel and removes stains, thereby whitening the teeth. While this method of bleaching the teeth can be effective, the downside with this is that it’s quite costly, apart from requiring several visits to the dentist.

Laser teeth whitening too promises good results but only if you are willing to pay the exorbitant costs involved in it.

And it’s here that the Dr. Georges Dental White fits in for with this, not only are you able to achieve the same results without having to step out of your home but at a cost that just a fraction of what it would take when visiting a dentist. So while Smile 4 You is cheaper than other whitening treatment, the end result can be just as sparkling white teeth.

The Way Smile 4 You Teeth Whitening Kit Works

The enamel is full of small pores that trap moisture and other compounds whenever you eat or drink something. It is the color of the compounds trapped within the small pores that imparts yellow coloration to the teeth.

On application of the Smile 4 You teeth whitening kit, the main ingredient – carbamide peroxide enters the enamel through the same pores and dries up all the moisture in the teeth. It then transforms the colored compound into a neutral compound that is colorless, thereby making the teeth to become sparkling white; all of this while there’s no damage done to the enamel of the teeth.

What is to be expected from Smile 4 You Teeth Whitening Kit?

In fact, the result is there to be seen almost immediately so that there is significant whitening of the teeth pretty fast. Clinical test have proved that the teeth can become whiter by about 11 shades if the whitening kit is used consistently for more than two weeks.

And with your teeth becoming white and clean, you won’t ever have to be embarrassed when smiling. You will look great in pictures and will have more confidence to face people.

Does Smile 4 You Teeth Whitening Kit Really Delivers?

Smile 4 You is a legitimate teeth whitening kit that is guaranteed to work. Dr. Georges Dental White, the actual whitening kit has already taken the US by storm and has won rich accolades from the hundreds of thousands of successful users who have gained immensely by way of pearly white teeth.

The official site of Smile 4 You takes pride in the fact that it does not have to go for ‘made up’ testimonials in order to promote the product. Rather, it claims, there are lots of users out there who have gained from the Smile 4 You whitening kit and are all too happy to share their wonderful experience with others.

What’s more, Dr. Georges Dental White has also featured in the TV program on channel 5 ‘The Diet Doctors’ and is being featured regularly in the popular ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ for several years now in the US.

Should You Order Smile 4 You Teeth Whitening Kit?

Smile 4 You teeth whitening kit is the one to go for if you are looking for a safe way to whiten your teeth. It’s similar to the one that a dentist would use though the difference is in the gel strength of the solution or the relative content of carbomide peroxide. While the whitening gel used by dentist contains 10 – 22% of carbomide peroxide, the whitening gel that is used in Smile 4 You contains 16% of carbomide peroxide that makes it perfect for home and regular use. Furthermore, it contains 120ml of this dental grade whitening gel, more than any other kit on the market! And wait, it also comes with a 2 years shelf life and is approved by the FDA!

So if you wish to impress people with your dazzling smile, you SHOULD purchase Smile 4 You. People whose work involves a lot of talking can also benefit a lot from Smile 4 You and that includes news reporter, sales person etc. Dr. George’s Dental White is the best do it yourself teeth whitening kit that will give you quick result so that you have shining white teeth in just about 30 minutes. And all of this without having to burn a hole in your pocket.

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    Those are great products, my dentist recommend those to me and I can say it is really working. This is a great review of a product that is suitable for whole family.

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    It sounds like a good and reliable product, I have spoke with my dentist and he told me to get the free trial offer.

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