Top 10 Birth Control Myths

ContraceptionWhile a number of contraceptive methods are highly effective, there is also a lot of misinformation about them.

Some methods, on the other hand, simply do not work.

Here are some beliefs women commonly hold about birth control and contraception.

They’re all completely wrong.

I’m breastfeeding so I can’t get pregnant.

Ovulation can occur even when you breastfeed which only tends to postpone it. To avoid getting pregnant while you’re nursing, use birth control.

I didn’t have an orgasm so I won’t get pregnant.

Pregnancy occurs when sperm from the man fertilizes an egg from the woman. While the man must orgasm to ejaculate and release sperm, it is not necessary for women to orgasm to get pregnant. A woman of childbearing age usually releases an egg each month as part of her regular menstrual cycle, whether or not the woman has an orgasm or even sex for that matter.

I won’t get pregnant if I douche after sex.

Douching after sex is not an effective method since the sperm enters the cervix, way out of reach of any douche.

I won’t get pregnant because we only have sex during the “safe” time. You’re only fertile one day a month.

Like couples who’re wishing to have a certain gender for their baby, couples who rely on the rhythm method of contraception must carefully monitor menstrual cycles, evaluate symptoms of ovulation, as well as any external factors, to predict “safe” days.  Unfortunately, that’s not as easy as it sounds.

The menstrual cycle involves four major hormones (chemicals that stimulate or regulate the activity of cells or organs): follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), luteinizing hormone (LH), estrogen, and progesterone, delicately balanced to regulate the release of an egg (ovulation).  If the egg is not fertilized, menstruation occurs. While a woman’s cycle is more or less regular, this balance of hormones can be disrupted by various factors, including age, stress, medications, etc. So many “safe” predictions turn out to be in error.

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I won’t get pregnant if we have sex standing up or if I am on top.

Some people believe that having sex standing up or with the woman on top will force the sperm out of then vagina. In truth, positions have nothing to do with fertilization. After ejaculation, the sperm will, by nature, immediately move up through the cervical canal, well into the vagina.

I won’t get pregnant. We use plastic wrap or a balloon just like a condom.

Unlike condoms, plastic wrap and balloons don’t fit well and can easily be torn during sex. Condoms are thoroughly tested to ensure they provide effective maximum protection.

I won’t get pregnant if my partner pulls out before he ejaculates.

Pulling out before the man ejaculates, known as the withdrawal method, is not a foolproof method. Some fluid that contains sperm may be released before the man actually begins to climax. In addition, some men may not have the capability or willpower to withdraw in time.

I won’t get pregnant because this is my first time having sex.

Any time ovulation occurs, even if it is your first time, you get pregnant.

I won’t get pregnant if I take a shower or bath right after sex, or if I urinate right after sex.

During sex, sperm has already entered the uterus through the cervix. Washing or urinating right after won’t stop pregnancy.

The pill is always effective immediately after you begin taking it.

In some women, one complete menstrual cycle is needed for the hormones in the oral contraceptive to work with the woman’s natural hormones and prevent ovulation. Some doctors recommend using a back-up birth control method the first month taking the pill.

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    getting pregnant is not depending of intercourse position

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    birth control myths is worth much more than I paid. It’s really wonderful. I don’t know how I ever worked without it.

  3. I think these myths are so common in these days and plenty of women believe and always got pregnant without their will.

  4. Thanks for sharing the information… According to me, many youngsters don’t have such detailed knowledge which is necessary to have. And this topic and myths are very common, so reading this will surely improve knowledge.

  5. In third world countries like the Philippines, mums are encouraged to breastfeed so that they won’t get pregnant. Being a catholic nation, priests are against the passing of birth control bills. Calendar methods are also a popular “natural” birth control choice. And, there are even doctors who encourage such practices.

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