Exercise From Pills

AICAR - Exercise From PillsExercise from a pill? Even without exercise, a chemical called AICAR has shown to increase muscle endurance. Administered daily for four weeks, researchers found that the endurance of sedentary mice is increased by 44 percent upon consumption. Although, expect a non-FDA access in several years before average consumers can purchase AICAR commercially.

Endurance training produces metabolic and structural changes. AICAR study proves that you too can have a pharmacologic equivalent to exercise. It can produce muscle reformation that tricks the muscle to believe that it’s being exercised daily. This is a state that is influenced by gen expression or activation, muscle fiber composition and increased cellular energy.

Pill Exercise Possible?

There are two types of muscles. Type 1 or the slow-twitch burns more fats, oxidizes fatty acid and is more resistant to fatigue. This resistant happens due to an abundance of mitochondria which produces cellular energy that will increase with endurance training.

Type 2 or the fast-twitch muscle fibers contains fewer mitochondria. It is commonly found in obese and sedentary individuals; this type fatigues more easily and burns glucose.

In some other sources, AICAR has been found to further work at the cellular and metabolic level to achieve increased muscle endurance.

For the purpose of studying metabolic disease or insulin resistance in humans, a patent search was conducted on AICAR for comparative analysis. A recommended dosage range of 5 mg to 100 mg / per kg / per day, taken 3 times a week is included in the results.

An AICAR dosage of 315 to 3150 mg. a day is suggested for a 140 pound person.

Lab-quality AICAR is sold for approximately $100 per a 44 mg vile.

The monthly cost of AICAR is rumored to be in the thousands for daily dosing. This made possible due to the adjustments for pharmaceutical quality, mass production and non-medical dosing. If the compound reduces complications for ill or injured patients unable to exercise, the costs for the medical application of AICAR may be reasonable conversely.

AICAR And Professional Athletes.

The World Anti-Doping Association is concerned over the acquisition on AICAR consumption. And a detection tests for AICAR has been developed for both urine and blood. Although, the 4-week Sulk Institute AICAR study has been done to humans, the long-term safety for athletes for longer consumption has not been established.

Can We Buy The Pill?

The research for a pill exercise will continue with anticipate enthusiasm, however the success of a new development may parlay off from other scams. Wait and see. The legitimate AICAR may not be expected to see the shelf so soon.

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