7 Steps To Emotional Detoxification

Woman RelaxingMost of us have stored up negative and toxic feelings that bog us down with sluggishness, depression and lethargy that we turn to quick fixes for immediate remedy to transform our conditions. Whether related to work, success in relationships, weight management or even success in our career, our approach to these quick fixes will almost inevitably fail, if we do not do anything about detoxifying our emotions first.

Most of the times we all too caught up with our frustrations from the past and bearing too many grudges that we can’t seem to let go of these negative feelings with ease. Hanging onto the past seems to be common human habit and this has caused a great deal of emotional baggage to be lugged around causing even graver damage to the body, mind and soul.

Believe it or not, the damage that an uncleansed mind can cause to the body and soul is enormous and one that should not be taken lightly. A confused and angry mind can cause the body to suffer from nervous disorders as well as cause the immune system to be unstable. It even has the potential of causing diseases like cardiovascular impairment, nervous and digestion disorders as well as impairment of the mind.

It is notable fact that the concept of letting go, is hard for some of us and yet, one of the key elements in maintaining safe grounds for healthy development of body, mind and soul is absolute release. Again, this is a factor that is hard for many to do yet, it is the only way that we allow ourselves to move on to bigger things and to shedding of issues that are totally unwanted and heavy to bear.

Deal with your needs before you rest or retire at home. Leave all preoccupations behind and allow yourself the time to recharge for the next episode in your life. Do not dwell too long in one aspect of your life, forgetting to pay as much attention to the newer developments that are taking place in your surroundings.

Sometimes though, dealing with a problem may not be as easy as we may see it to be. Problems like dealing with a divorce maybe or even becoming redundant at work are not easy matters to deal with emotionally.

In times like these, there is dire need for emotional detoxification. Emotional detoxification often leads to personal rejuvenation and reinvention. The time and energy spent on suppressing the volume of emotional upsurge is now redirected to dealing with positive and creative avenues of the problem.

Don’t beat yourself up just because you haven’t met your deadline for a certain job to finish or even postponed in important assignment just because you feel tired and miserable.

Learning to let go and allowing things to take care of themselves is something many do not believe in. How can things take care of themselves if we didn’t have a hand in it, is the common thought in the minds of many. But things have a way of working out on their own. It is simply a process that automatically takes place to make way for another scenario or episode to take center stage. It is the process of evolution. And like everything else, the law of evolution is an ongoing one – taking its won time and speed for change to take place.

The best preparation for letting go of old pain is to assign a concentrated period of time to deal with it. Remember you cannot sweep away a lifetime of toxicity in a weekend, but you can certainly get the process started. So take some time off to your first step forward to recognizing your inner turmoil and bringing out the new you.

1. Take A Look Inside

Always remember that when you are too busy looking at the faults of others, you are forgotten your own faults. Try and refrain from being judgmental about everything and everybody. Often times we cannot be in control of all the situations and dramas in our lives, so let things be. Turn away or look inside yourself to find release. Stop reacting and accept responsibility for your emotions. Cleanse your thoughts and tell yourself that sometimes bad times can happen to anybody and you are no different. Take it as a turning point in your life, one which will provide you the lessons you need to develop as a human being and to evolve from here.

2. Recognize Your Feelings

Try and not bury your feelings that you are unable to access your current situation. Let your feelings pour out. Talk to a friend or write a long letter to yourself telling yourself about how you feel today and what are the things you plan to do to eradicate the feelings which are pulling you down.

3. Beware Of Your Body

Deal with the energy of your emotions before it takes effect into other things. Observe your body and what it’s going through every time you feel pressured. This way the next time, you would be able to better handle your pressure or frustrations even before it gets full blown. So, the next time, you feel a twitching in your jaw muscle or have shallow breathing because of a certain condition that causes you to get excited, you know that these are signals that are telling you about the pressure rising inside.

4. Make Space

Take time off doing what you really want to do. This could mean just lying around and listening to music or even meditating. Or just indulge in juices and a fruit platter or even make a wholesome meal that you’ve been wanting to make for ages. This allows you to recognize what it is that you have been putting aside and creating consciousness on your emotional fulfillment.

5. Putting Pen To Paper

Write down all factors in your life that are troubling you. And deal with them one by one. But be honest about your feelings. Cry if you must over a hurt that is still hurting, or even walk away from a bit from an issue that is still bugging you. But come back to deal with it after much thought and give it a new perspective. Be true to yourself and let go of all issues and trials that are eating into your lifestyle one leaf at a time.

6. Think Of A Technique That Is Going To Help You Let Go

Everyone has his or her own technique of dealing with emotional unrest. Some put their worries in a bubble and blow it away, whilst others may throw a rock into the ocean, to denote throwing away the emotion, or visualize your pains away. Whatever techniques you choose, be sure to stick to that technique and concentrate on the emotions and feelings which are creating the toxicity in your body, all desolving into nothingness. If you cannot do this alone, do not be ashamed of your feelings and share them with a friend who is going to empathize with you and help you solve your problems.

7. Pat Yourself In The Back

Occasionally we forget to reward ourselves for efforts that we have achieved or even celebrate our own successes. Take time to be good to yourself and treat yourself to a meal or a new wardrobe or pamper yourself with a spa treatment or even go for a movie, just by yourself. Go shopping, read a book and spend hours just by yourself. Remember that this is your moment with yourself and so make the best of it.

Always try to be your own healer and when the storms of your life are rising, choose to be like the blade of the grass and bend as low as you can till the storm subsides. Remember that when you fight the flow of the storm, it will consume you. In the same way, when your emotions are rising high, recognize what is bugging you and allow for the emotions to pass.

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6 Responses

  1. Viveca Stone-Berry says:

    One of my best techniques for releasing negative emotional energy is just getting into motion, getting into my body and out of my head.

    I go for a quick walk around the block or for a longer timeout with my dog or a luxurious window shopping spree lingering over pretty things …. Climbing stairs works – going for a drive – dancing to my wedding CD.

    ANYTHING is better than stewing in that dense, unhappy, critical “blame” or “poor me” space.

    PLUS – have you ever noticed how many more things go wrong when you’re feeling down or angry? A month ago I was on a long drive, stewing over my husband’s actions when a pebble nicked my windshield. I knew why! and immediately turned on the radio to find something – a song, a talk show – anything that would help me move out of that energy.

    Another BIG sign that I am in dense emotional energy is fatigue. Angry, blaming, critical energy is very, very tiring. I know all about that one!

    Great topic – thanks!


  2. Colleen says:

    What a lovely article! I am a masters level psychotherapist and I absolutely agree with everything you said. I am so grateful that you mentioned the connection with the mind and the body because I think it’s something that people forget about or don’t even know about! I also love that you allude to the concept of radical acceptance (“Remember that when you fight the flow of the storm, it will consume you”), which is such an important and beneficial concept.

    I would only add two things: 1) People should practice diphragmatic breathing while doing this. This is simply taking big deep breaths into your stomach, rather than into your lungs. By doing this, you begin a physiological reaction cycle that naturally calms and soothes your mind and body. This will help people feel more in control when engaging in this difficult, but incredibly beneficial process that you describe. 2) As I just mentioned, this process can be difficult and potentially overwhelming depending on the severity of the pain people are dealing with (i.e. – past abuse, assault, etc.). It takes a tremendous amount of courage to explore within and if it becomes too overwhelming, it is also incredibly courageous to seek help from a kind and understanding counselor, therapist or psychologist. Thanks again for the fantatic information!

    • borzack says:

      Indeed, diaphragmatic breathing is an important foundation practice in yoga and meditation, and it really needs practice, practice and practice to master it 🙂

  3. You are given the excellent information here my friend
    and comments are excellent , its useful for everybody. Expecting More post from you, i have forward this blog to my friends also to know about this valuable article

  1. August 19, 2008

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