The Calming Chamomile Herbal Tea

Chamomile Herbal TeaFor centuries tea has been around and has been associated to many health benefits. Thanks to that and their vast selections of delightful flavors, herbal tea has gained widespread craze and surged in popularity.

A cup of herbal tea is actually a cup of herbal infusion or in other names it is also called as tisane.

Similar but yet very different in ingredients, herbal tea are also brewed in boiling water. These herbal infusions are called as such because it is made from anything other than the tea leaves of the camellia sinensis tea bush plant.

The concoctions of the tisanes can be from a vast mixtures of ingredients like dried leaves, seeds, grasses, nuts, barks, fruits, flowers or other botanicals that gives these blend of ingredients their taste and their benefits that either comes through research or from an array of folk.

Of all the herbal tea flavors, the most popular is the Chamomile tea. Known for its medicinal properties throughout the history, it is naturally caffeine-free with a light distinctive apple-like scent and a mildly pleasant sweet taste.

On a long and stressful day, a chamomile tea is a wonderful way for calming and soothing your senses. To enjoy, there is no need to add sugar since it has a gently sweet taste and with a little added honey it is also a very enjoying drink.

As it helps to relieve tension by drinking the Chamomile tea, it is also a traditional remedy that can helps headaches, digestive problems like heartburn or nausea and also for comforting women’s menstrual issues.

Chamomile tea can be enjoyed anytime as it is very easy to brew by just pouring a hot water over it to get a nice, aromatic cup of drink. But it is very important not to use boiling water as it can destroy the herb’s therapeutic properties the Chamomile tea has. Some prefers using loose dried Chamomile where two teaspoons is added to an individual tea infuser and later the infuser is added to the cup and the heated water is poured in later to the cup. It is left to steep in for about five minutes and will be ready to drink after. Depends on choices and in order to hold in more healthful properties that may be steamed during the steeping process, some people prefer covering their cup while brewing the tea.

A timeless favorite, Chamomile tea can either be brewed on its own or as a blend. It can be enjoyed with other herbs such as peppermint, spearmint, lemon grass or rosehips and is also very delicious and refreshing.

A wide abundance of tea choices can be made available from tea houses and retailers. Years of experiments have been made to suit the likes of today. These flavored teas can be found in a mixed variety of blends and wonderful combinations. There’s tangy pomegranate and mixed berry tea, Sencha green tea blended with the zing of Acai berries, white tea with pomegranate, a blend of China Black and Ceylon teas with the essence of mango and there’s this tantalizing delicious combination of blueberries and cream tea fusion. Thus more and more choices of flavored tea are emerging out of the market, making its place on the market shelves to cater the taste buds of everyone.

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12 Responses

  1. Charla says:

    I’m a big tea drinker and do drink chamomile from time to time.

    • borzack says:

      Same here since it’s caffeine free, and it do taste good too. A cup of chamomile herbal tea an hour before bed really helps ease the mind after a stressful long day at work.

  2. Simple Zack says:

    I literally just put down a cup of chamomile tea. No lie.

    Wonderful post!

  3. Emmie says:

    Nursing mommies can drink chamomile tea to help their little ones through teething also.

  4. Jojo says:

    Nice article about tea

  5. Viveca says:

    Years ago I brought chamomile tea over to my grandparents house. I was just starting to learn about health and nutrition and felt very “know it allish.” My grandmother laughed when I tried to coax her into a cup. She had been drinking it since she was a little girl to soothe upset stomachs and relax!

  6. Pinay Mommy says:

    i am not much of a tea drinker myself but i am a coffee addict.

    hey there! i got something for your in my blog. thanks again for visiting!!

  7. healing says:

    I’m a regular drinker of Chamomile tea.It keeps me fresh and healthy.

  8. I love chamomile when cooking, using as a tea from using it on my bubble bath… I just love it.. Thanks for sharing the thoughts.

  9. lauren says:

    i’m regular tea drinker too nice article

  10. Joanna says:

    I looove chamomile tea as it always seems to calm me and refresh me. I also enjoy fruit teas when I need something a little different.

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